Creative partnership Meme (pronounced - me me), was engaged to refresh the Circa space while respecting its beautiful bones. Indeed, one half of Meme, interior designer Megan Hounslow, has worked alongside the original Circa architect, Allan Powell.


The exquisite Loom "Pom-Pom" rug was an a worthwhile investment to give heart and warmth to the Circa Cocktail Lounge. This highly individual piece made from re-cycled yarns and unraveled kilims, is painstakingly hand-woven by villagers of the South West of Turkey. The yarn is composed of Wool Goats hair Hemp and Angora. It has a softness of colour and variation of texture that can only be achieved with age and the experienced hand. Without too much thought …the room is transformed and makes one feel at home and relaxed

Michal Anela in Circa

Michal Anela was born in 1978 in Warsaw. During his education he was able to travel extensively, finding employment with artists as their assistant. Michael has recently completed his residency as an artist at Gasworks Arts Park in Melbourne, where he first presented us his internal conversation with ceramics. After several successful solo exhibitions in Melbourne, Michal now explores new themes for his art in Berlin. An artist’s perspective expresses his subjective perceptions of reality incorporating a dreamlike state. The line between the real and dream states can be very fine. While drawing and ceramics both offer creative avenues, drawing also provides a way to map ceramic thoughts. Michal channels aspects of himself which only become clear when they are made tangible.

Most of the current Items on display at Circa are from the Back To Atlantis collection.